According to Federal Law, the state council representing individuals with developmental disabilities must be composed of no less than sixty percent of people who are:

  • individuals with developmental disabilities;
  • parents or guardians of children with developmental disabilities; or
  • immediate relatives or guardians of adults with mentally impairing developmental disabilities who cannot advocate for themselves;
  • individuals must not be employees of a state agency that receives funds or provides services under this subtitle, and who are not managing employees (as defined in section 1126(b) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C.132a-5(b)) of any other entity that receives funds or provides services under this subtitle.

If you are interested in becoming of a member of the Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council, please complete a Board and Commissions Application.

Current Council Members

Individuals with a developmental disability:
Angela Ehst
Alvin R. Emory, Jr.
Joseph Merritt, Jr.
Barbara Monaghan (Chair)
Sue Ellen Powell
Steve Slotkin (Vice Chair)
Laura Greene
Karen Gallagher
Maitri Campbell
Lillian Gibbons

Parents or guardians of a child with a developmental disability, or immediate relatives or guardians of an adult with a mentally impairing developmental disability who cannot advocate for himself or herself.
Daniese McMullen-Powell
Terri Hancharick
Michael Harris
Steven Yeatman
Nancy Lemus
Carrie Melchisky
Rick Kosmalski
Shawn Rohe
Debra McCann
Alex Eldreth
Angela Mitchell

Members in accordance with other Federal requirements:

Rehabilitation Act of 1973:
HarrietAnn Litwin

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act:
Jill Scannell

Older Americans Act of 1965:
Carol Barnett, Division of Services for Aging and Adult with Physical Disabilities

Title XIX of the Social Security Act:
Katie Howe, Division of Developmental Disabilities Services

DD University-Affiliated Program:
Beth Mineo, Center for Disabilities Studies/University of Delaware

Protection and Advocacy:
Brian Hartman, Esq., Community Legal Aid Society, Inc./Disabilities Law Program

Private Non-Profit Agency:
Katie Macklin

Title V of the Social Security Act:
Karen McGloughlin, Division of Public Health